Mobile Math Resources

Learning math does not have to be difficult or boring. There are many games and fun ways to learn math that can make it seem less boring and you can learn while having fun. Playing games is one of the best ways to learn and practice new skills. Numbers and counting, arithmetic, decimals, fractions, money and time can be simple skills to practice when you play fun games online. It is better to play games that practice a skill you know instead of trying to learn a new skill all at once. If you have just learned a new skill, such as decimals or division facts play games at the easiest level. Also, look at online math books that explain things in an easy way. If you are confused with something, do not give up. Take a break and play a different game that is fun and relaxing. Then go back to the other lesson and you may find that after the break it becomes easier. Math does not have to be scary. It can be fun and when you have the right games, pictures, charts, and sites; it can be easy to learn.

Numbers and Counting

Numbers and counting are not a skill just for little kids, but for big kids to. Numbers are infinite and they never end. Counting games are a fun way to practice some of the most important lessons needed. Place value is a very important skill that will last you an entire life. You can practice place value games online and read books that explain numbers and counting in a way that makes it fun to learn. If you have been frustrated learning math before, do not give up. Playing only math games, including numbers and counting, can make learning a lot simpler, easier, and more fun than you ever thought it could be.


Arithmetic means addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It also involves learning about numbers. It is important that children learn basic arithmetic as it is a skill that will be used throughout a lifetime. If you go to the store, you will need to know basic arithmetic to add up the cost of your items and determine if the cashier gave you the correct amount of change. When you want to buy sets of an item, multiplication skills will help you find out how much it will cost. Arithmetic is a skill that is used throughout life and it is very important to learn basic additions, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts.


Decimals may seem confusing at first but they are really another way of expressing fractions. In decimals, the bottom number of a fraction (denominator) is expressed as a power of ten and the fraction’s top number (numerator) is the number placed to the right of the decimal point. The amount of spaces in the decimal lets you know what the denominator is. Before you learn about decimals, you should have a good understanding of place value. Place value includes units (1s), tens (10s), hundreds (100s), thousands (1000s) and more. Each number to the left of the decimal is ten times greater than the place before.


A fraction is a number system that is used to express numbers that are not whole. A fraction is a part of something. The easiest way to think about fractions is with a pizza. You may have one whole pizza, but that pizza is divided into slices. Fractions are a way to describe the amount of slices the pizza was cut into and how many slices were eaten. If you have one pizza that has been sliced into eight parts, the bottom number, or denominator would be eight. If you eat one slice, then that number would be the top part of the fraction, or the numerator. If you ate one slice of eight slices, then you ate 1/8th of the pizza. If you ate two slices, it would be 2/8ths. When the numerator and denominator are the same, the fraction equals a whole number. For instance, if you have one pizza divided into eight slices, but eat all eight slices, you ate the entire pizza. Therefore 8/8 equals one whole.


Understanding how money works is one of the most important skills kids can learn. There is more to money than saving your allowance. You will need to know how to save your money, make change in stores, put your money in a bank account, and eventually use a checkbook. By learning how to spend money wisely when you are young, you can make sure that when you are an adult you have the proper tools needed to keep your finances in order. Using money wisely includes saving, spending, and when you get older, investing.


Learning how to tell time is one of the most important skills that children can learn. There are many kids who settle for telling time on a digital watch or clock, but kids that can tell time with a hand clock will have more advantages. Telling time correctly is an important life skill that will help kids stay responsible in life. If you are having difficulty, telling time do not give up. Play fun, online games that will help you remember that the short hand points to the hour and the long hand points to the minute. A memory trick that might help you remember the hands is that there are more minutes on a clock than there are hours, therefore the long hand points to minutes. A clock has 12 hours but 60 minutes, thereby the longer hand points to the minutes.